Fuck the Hell Out of Me

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Fuck the Hell Out of Me (2010)

Seth's still a little new to the whole "hardcore gay ass fucking" thing so I thought I'd get him to dive deeper into the gay side with a real pro - Jesse Santana. We thought it would be kind of hot to do some fucking out in the open so we got a blanket and my camera and went to my back yard to get down ta bid'ness. Jesse starts off by blowing Seth's straight cock and he sucks on that thing like it's the last dick on earth. As straight as Seth is he can't help but grab the back of Jesse's head at one point to skull fuck him for a bit. Then Jesse flips over onto his stomach and Seth, now rock hard and ready for action, starts slamming his ass. Seth clearly is getting into it as he asks "yeah you fucking like it?" and, while Jesse can only manage to get out a few muffled groans because he's getting fucked so hard, the answer clearly is yes. Then Jesse flips over onto his back so Seth can fuck him missionary for awhile until Jesse blows his load all over his tight little stomach. Seth pulls out and shoots his own load all over Jesse's. You see Seth, once you get a couple of ass fuckings under your belt there's nothin' to it.

Man, do I have a thing for guys with Ink and it helps if they have a sick body like Kai Ford does. I'd been wanting to catch this guy on film for a while so when he finally agreed to it I knew I had to partner him up with someone hot. So I got crowd-favorite Nelson Troy, threw them into a shower together, and made some porn-o-matic magic. Nelson starts off blowing Kai, the two of them dripping wet in the shower. Then Kai drops to his knees and returns the favor. After Kai inspects Nelson's hot muscle ass the two indulge in a little more cock sucking action before Kai bends Nelson over against the shower wall to eat his ass out. Once Nelson's all wet and panting for it Kai shoves his dick up into his tight ass and starts slamming Nelson as he gives him a reach around. Then he lays Nelson down on his stomach so he can fuck him from behind and really get in deep. The two end up fucking missionary style next with Nelson on his back. Nelson cums first, shooting a hot load all over himself right before Kai pulls out and blows his wad all over Nelson's stomach. Guess they'll have to have another shower now!

King of Kink Wolf is back and just in time to fuck one of our hottest bottoms, Skyler. These guys don't waste anytime. Skyler drops to his knees right away to worship Wolf's big fat dick as Wolf instructs him on how to "suck his shaft." Wolf decides that he wants some ass so Skyler lays down so Wolf can ferociously eat his hot hole. Once Skyler's hole is nice and warmed up Wolf plunges his hard cock deep inside while he sucks on Skyler's toes and tells him to "take that cock, you fucking dirty pig." Then Skyler climbs on top so he can bounce up and down on Wolf's big dick, taking in every inch. After Skyler's ass has been sufficiently ravaged Wolf pulls out and jerks out a thick white load onto Skyler's stomach. Moments later Skyler sprays himself down with his own load. You gotta love it when a power top and a power bottom come together.

I had me a craving for some blonde boy ass so I called that hot piece of tail, Tory Mason, and had him come over so I could watch my buddy Scottie plow into him. The two start off making out but in less than a minute Tory is on his knees sucking on Scottie's fat dick. After thoroughly working Scottie's cock, Tory gets a little oral attention himself. But what Tory really wants is a nice hard cock up his ass so he bends over and lets Scottie slam fuck his hot little hole from behind. After taking it doggie style for a while, Tory lays down on his back so Scottie can tap that ass in the missionary position. Before you know it Scottie's hitting that magic spot and Tory's moaning and he shoots a nice big load all over himself. Scottie pulls out and blows his own wad all over Tory.

Ace and Bobby together in a scene. Wow. Just imagining those two doing the deed is enough to make me cum. Lucky for you guys you don't have to imagine it because I got the real thing on video! The guys came over for a dip in my pool one sweaty Saturday afternoon and it didn't take long for them to begin mauling each other. They start off ferociously making out, but Ace is hungry for Bobby's cock so he rips off Bobby's trunks and devours that piece of meat while Bobby taunts him and smacks him in the face with his dick. At one point he tells Ace to just sit still with his mouth open so he can face fuck him. Hot! But Bobby's just as good at giving head as he is receiving and happily gets down on to his knees to bob up and down on Ace's thick dick. Apparently Bobby was in the mood for more cock because he bends over and lets Ace fuck him doggie style with that huge cock of his... and Ace does not hold back. It's all Bobby can do to take that dick. You can tell from Bobby's grunts that he's being stretched to the limit. After getting fucked from behind for a while, Bobby sits down on Ace's cock and rides it for as long as he can handle it. Just when I thought Bobby wouldn't be able to take anymore cock he shoots his load all over himself. He climbs off and Ace shoots his own load all over his ripped six pack abs. A little bit of pain never killed anybody, right Bobby? At least it makes for some good porn.

Cast: Jesse Santana, Ace Warner, Bobby Clark, Kai Ford, Nelson Troy, Scottie Brooks, Seth Clark, Skyler Caine, Tory Mason, Wolf Hudson
Director: Kyle Majors
Country: US
Year: 2009
Studio : Cocky Boys
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